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CYES bed (The Ondol warm air-cum-insulation curtain bed)

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CYES bed (The Ondol warm air-cum-insulation curtain bed)


Home beds (1~2 persons)
Dormitory beds (1~2 floors)
Military beds

│Performance Certificates│

Excellent Performance Certificate (Small Medium Business Administration, NO. 15-684)
ISO 14001 (Environment Management System, NO. E180011)
ISO 9001 (Quality Management System, NO. KOR-695-01-08)
EMF *(ElectroMagnetic Field) Mark (Korea Testing Certification, NO. EMF-2013-004)
CE certificate (Conformity European, NO. DAC08-0333. DAC08-0415)


  1. A warm sleeping only costs 1kw/12hr per one night.

  2. Using a the heat insulation curtain for both Ondol and warm air, the bed has 70% reduction effect of heating costs by reducing a building heat temperature from 20℃ to 10℃. (freeze protection temperature 3℃)
    (A tip for heating costs in winter for district heating apartment houses, reduces 1℃which enables you to save 7% as heating costs per month. Please refer to a press release of the Ministry of Knowledge Economy in 2009.12.22)

  3. Thanks to safety heating system, the surface temperature of heating wires is not over 70℃ which does not require a thermo limiter.(Maintain a floor surface temperature as 30 ℃)

  4. Safe bed guaranteed by EMS Mark
    (Acquired the electromagnetic field environment to extinct the effects of electromagnetic waves with the electromagnetic offset effect of directly-opposed phases)

  5. No more blanket with a heat insulation curtain.
    (You can draw and open a heat insulation curtain in a bed and take a sleep without a blanket.)

  6. Easy to assemble, disassemble and move
    (As a patent technology using eco-friendly heat storage board and power-saving heat insulating board, it increases theheat storage efficiency and radiant heat efficiency.)

  7. Before sleeping, open a heat insulation curtain and utilize it as furniture such as table, chair etc.


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